Apart from the amazing photography, this document from 2014 (PDF download link below) surveys each of the city’s sports complexes telling main facts, technical aspects, uses and in some cases, it manages to gather experiences from local residents and users.

Having trained, assisted or competed at many of these locations, I appreciate the work INDER has done in improving the facilities to have adequate spaces to participate in a variety of sports (although futbol still dominates most of the adequate available time and space on large fields). Most of these improvements have been done in preparation for international events that would bring critical international eyes to the city. These sporting events include the hosting of the South American Games in 2010 and two matches of the U-20 FIFA World Cup in 2011.


Recent experiences do not bode well for cities and countries when they host major international sporting events, yet one consequence that I can say is beneficial is the improvement of the quality of the public sporting venues and equipment. This serves to stimulate participation by the population.

The full PDF can be found here: Escenarios Deportivos y Recreativos – INDER


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