Can’t be happier than I have been in the last 36 hours. Just had to state that before anything else.

1. The air pollution has gotten out of control. The horizon looks gray all day and the sun doesn’t shine, it just kind of glows in the sky. My city is sick and needs to get healthy right quick.

2. The feeling of being home is dignifying. Medellin is my home and it brings me great pride to represent my birthplace and what I truly consider to be a place I will not be seen as an outsider. On a related note, two people have mentioned there is a growing Venezuelan immigrant population in Medellin. This is highly interesting as Medellin is not used to having large numbers of immigrants from other countries settle here. Makes for interesting follow up to see what research has been done on the subject.

3. I don’t know how I survived having been a motorcycle rider for 6 years in this city. The driving is aggressive and it raises your pulses. In spite of that, it does have a flow that kind of makes sense. Still scary though.

4. I’ll just put it bluntly, just being away from the US and the routine is refreshing in that I get a true sense of what I truly value to be important in my life. Just that selfe-awareness boosts my ability to make positive decisions. I’m currently on minute 20 of an 8-hour bus ride to Necocli in the Uraba region to wind down and completely reset physically and mentally. It’s as close I will get to my Walden on Earth.

Rambling done.


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